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How To Count Cards In Blackjack?

If you've been playing online casino games for a while, then you most probably have realized that the casino always has an edge over you. But did you know that there is a casino game where you can beat the house over time? Yes, you read it right, blackjack is the only game where you can use your card-counting skills to find an edge and beat the house — SG88WIN Casino.

As a blackjack player, you know that you can use different strategies to win at blackjack. However, counting cards in blackjack remains to be the top favorite of many players. This strategy is not just popular by its name; it's also very effective if you have implemented it correctly when playing in a blackjack table. And the fact that you're reading this means you're intrigued to learn how to count cards in blackjack and win.

Card Counting: What Exactly Is It And How Does It Work?

In blackjack, seasoned players use card counting to predict if the next hand will favor the player or the dealer. Here, card counters aim to keep track of the appearance of high and low-value cards during the game to reduce the casino's advantage over them. When you count cards in blackjack, you can determine the composition of the remaining cards before they are dealt. This way, you can minimize your potential losses when playing blackjack games at SG88WIN.

You can effectively use card counting in a blackjack game that uses fewer decks in the shoe. So, in a game with one deck, if you know the Ace is gone, it can change things, especially when there aren't many cards left. But in a game with eight decks, losing one ace doesn't make much difference since there are so many cards left.

Notably, you can successfully count cards on physical blackjack tables. But if you attempt to do it at SGWIN88 online gambling site that uses RNG software, card counting can be ineffective since each hand is entirely random. However, can you use the card counting strategy for live blackjack games at SG88WIN?

1. Assigning A Value To Every Card — Hi-Lo Card Counting

The Hi-lo Blackjack card counting system is one of the widely and commonly used by many players, as you are assigning a value to each card such as:

Cards 2 to 6: +1

Cards 7 to 9: 0

Cards 10 to Ace: -1

With each card dealt you'll be either adding 1, subtracting 1, or taking no action depending on the value you assigned to the cards.

2. Keeping A Running Count

As the cards are dealt throughout the game, you need to calculate the sum of the assigned value. Consider this example below.

Dealer: 4 (+1); 6 (+1).

Blackjack Player 1: 8 (0); King (-1).

Blackjack Player 2: Queen (-1); Ace (-1).

Therefore, the running count or sum of the above values will be -1. And as the game progresses, you'll be adding each hand's value to the running count. A negative running count means more low numbers but undesirable cards remain on the shoes that need to be dealt. On the other hand, a positive running count means a higher number but favorable cards remain to be dealt.

3. Calculating A “True Count”

When counting cards in blackjack, the True Count adjusts the Running Count based on how many decks are left. If only a few decks are used, a high Running Count isn't as important. To find the True Count, you need to divide the Running Count by the remaining decks. For example, with a Running Count of +9 and 3 decks left, the True Count is +3.

4. Adjust Your Bets When The True Count Rises And Falls

Keeping track of both a running count and a true count is important to know when the game favors you instead of the casino. Just knowing this information won't be enough because you also need to change how you play based on this info.

When counting cards in blackjack, you should bet more when the true count goes up. On the other hand, you should bet less when the true count is low or negative. If you don't manage your money and betting strategy properly, you could end up losing a lot.

How To Count Cards In Live Blackjack At SGWIN88 Singapore?

When playing live blackjack at SGWIN88, do take note that the live dealer is shuffling multiple cards together. Eventually, the shoe will be shuffled when you reach the cut card. In this event, whatever your advantage from card counting will be nullified and you need to start counting cards over again. Unlike when you're playing in a physical casino, the cut card is placed relatively low into the shoe, giving you time to learn and adapt to the game's dynamics.

However, in live blackjack at SGWIN88 online gambling, they place the cut card far higher into the shoe and they shuffle more frequently. They do this because the casino cannot monitor if their players are card counting or not.

Beat The Dealer At SG88WIN

So, now that you have learned how to count cards in blackjack, are you ready to put this knowledge to the test? If so, join SGWIN88 Online Gambling Singapore today and start winning today. And to maximize your winnings a little further — keep an eye out for the generous live casino bonuses offered by SG88WIN!


Is It Hard To Count Cards?

Actually, learning card counting in blackjack takes time and more practice because some methods are easier than others. In fact, the HI-Lo card counting system is the easiest way to learn.

Is There Any Card Counting System Other Than The One Mentioned Above?

Yes, in fact there are many of them. To name a few, there are the Omega II System, Hi-Opt I & II Systems, Wong Halves System, Red 7 System, KO System, Zen Count, and many others.

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